Down Hole Survey was established in 2001.  We have offices in South Africa and Botswana.

We are a specialist directional surveying and products company servicing the mining, exploration, civil engineering,. Utilising only the most advanced technology, we provide unsurpassed levels of quality and customer service to our clients.

Our philosophy of continuous improvement and pro-active management, coupled with utilisation of worlds best technology, ensures our products and services are delivered efficiently, productively and with absolute confidence.

Due to our association with companies such as Devico AS, Reflex, and Terratec , we cater for all your value adding downhole products and services. We can assist with directional surveying, borehole radar, core orientation systems, instrument sales and rentals.

Surveying programs for mining companies
Surveying for inside RC rods
Horizontal drill-hole surveying
Blast-hole surveying
Grade control surveying
Borehole radar acquisition
Surveying raise boreholes

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                                                              Efficiency and reliability all in one


The DeviCore BBT is the latest core orientation innovation from Devico. The DeviCore BBT represents an integration ofthe patent pending Brilliant Blue™ technology and other proprietary Devico technologies. The DeviCore BBT employs the same Devidip system probe technology which has proven to be an industry leader in reliability for more than 10 years as a part of the Devidrill, combining electronic core orientation integration with brand new ergonomic running gear. The kit includes two DeviCore BBT probes and a core barrel extension and is ready to be assembled on the drilling equipment on site. The probes also has a valve system in front securing that pump-in time isnot affected.


DeviCore BBT comes equipped with the IP67 rated Nomad PDA system and DeviSoft.Mobile software. The operation follows a clear step-by step procedure, and one probe can be started and downloaded while the other is down in the hole.

DeviCore BBT uses three high-accuracy accelerometers, it measures inclination, orientation, gravity vector, temperature and battery status, and offers quality control on the results. Communication between DeviCore BBT and the PDA is done wirelessly via Brilliant Blue Technology.

No interruption of the drilling cycle, i.e.
Cost effective
Regular readings
Accurate orientations and inclination
Effective in a broad range of ground types and core breaks
Provides high orientation accuracy from 0ºto
+/-88° dip
Digital data recorded for use in analyses at a later time




                                                              Non-magnetic Survey Tools

If you know how to run your inner tube, you know how to run your DeviFlex. It is THAT easy. DeviFlex is a non-magnetic electronic multishot for surveying inside casings and drill strings by simply using the wire line system. Magnetic disturbances will not influence the tool at all and it is supposed to be simple to use. Just pump the tool into the hole and pull it out in given intervals. No adjustments are necessary

The DeviFlex tool consists of two independent measuring systems. Three aaccelerometers and four strain gauges are used to calculate inclination and change in azimuth. In addition, the DeviFlex records and stores gravity vector, temperature, and battery capacity.

The DeviFlex fits casings and drill strings from B-size and up to P-size. You need one instrument and a set of sleeves with various wheel sizes to adjust for different hole
ddimensions. The tool has been proven to work in horizontal as well as vertical holes.

The DeviFlex communicates with a PDA, and the results can be viewed on the PDA screen in field once the data is downloaded from the tool. The data can thereafter be further processed in DeviSoft, analyzed, plotted andreported to the client.






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